How Smart Are Pigs?

Quite smart. That is the very first thing to note about pigs. Pigs are famous for their protein-rich meat, pork. Beyond this, not much is known about its mental ability, which is quite impressive.

Anyone would tell you how intelligent dogs are – they are so intelligent they work with the police, border security, hunters and many more. While pigs cannot rescue individuals trapped in the snow or match in sync with police officers in a parade, they have been discovered to have equal cognitive abilities with dogs or even higher.

Chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, dogs, and pigs are mammals considered to be of considerable intelligence. They can be trained to learn skills and indeed, they have been trained over many decades and centuries to do tricks, or perform other useful acts.

The mirror self-recognition test is believed to be an indication of advanced intelligence, and pigs have excelled at it just as the other intelligent quadrupeds. Pigs have also been shown to be capable of moving a computer cursor with their snout and a few other tricks which they learned as quickly as chimpanzees.

Pigs have long-term memories similar to elephants but perhaps not as long – pigs do not live as long as elephants. Elephants can live for as long as 50 years, while pigs typically live for not more than five years. Factory-farmed pigs live less than a year. The sows are left for between two and three years to produce piglets twice or thrice a year.

Pigs deserve recognition as smart animals that can solve problems, remember experiences and even have empathy. While pigs are famed aggressively for their meat and acknowledged for their fecundity and the nutrition of their meat, they don’t get the deserved recognition for their ability to be more than just dumb animals.

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