Introducing The Porkmoney Ranch

At the start of the year, we had one major goal – to own the largest privately owned Pig farm in Nigeria. We are pleased to introduce to you, The Porkmoney Ranch our Pig farm located in the Epe area of Lagos.

The Porkmoney ranch is a 100 acre property, located in Epe, where our all weaners will be raised from birth to maturation.

We decided to adopt a Semi- Intensive, free Range farming system to enable us properly utilise our vast space for the large number of weaners (Up to 40000) we are projected to raise. It is also  a much cheaper and sustainable option, as it cuts down on the cost of housing. It also allows us to spend less on feed by making our weaners have access to nutrients from natural plant and tree roots by roaming on the farm. This makes them much healthier as they will produce more lean meat than excess fat, resistant to diseases, thereby making them stronger. 

In line with our desire to maintain a proper feed system, we have also imbibed a form of integrated farming where 10 acres of the land will be used to grow feed such as cassava, maize and soya beans, that ensures the production of quality feed for our weaners. 

All our resources and efforts would see us encourage thousands of people to become vested in this sector of the livestock agricultural ecosystem and allow us to change the face of pig farming in Nigeria and West Africa at large. 

Last week, some of our staff visited the farm and we are definitely excited about we have achieved so far. We currently have about 500 weaners on our farm. However, this number is expected to triple by the end of the week.

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