Livestock farming is defined simply as the process of breeding animals for the sole purpose of consumption. Animal husbandry which is another name for livestock farming, is a rapidly growing arm of farming in Nigeria, and the primary reason why more entrepreneurial farmers are venturing into livestock farming is its profitability.

With the increased worldwide awareness of food security and sustainable food production, agriculture is rapidly growing as one of the key industries on both a global and local level. Nigeria’s population is expected to grow swiftly within the next three decades to almost 400 million. As a result of these expected changes, the demand for livestock products will rise exponentially. Over time, the Agro-industry has experienced a renaissance, especially with the rise of livestock farming thereby increasing the contribution of the sector to the GDP. Projections suggest that poultry meat, beef and milk consumption will grow by 253, 117 and 577 percent, respectively. Lagos alone currently consumes 1.2 Billion Naira daily in cattle. However, West Africa – particularly Nigeria and Ghana, consumes the most amount of pork worth about  $3Billion.

So why is Pig farming the most profitable and lucrative livestock farming?

Pigs are omnivorous animals which mean they are easy to feed with cereal grains, vegetable, fish, left-over food etc. in addition to formulated feeds. They remain the most profitable livestock farming because of their quick reproductive cycle and number of successful live births. Pigs have the capacity to give birth to as much as twelve live birth each 6 months. A well fed sow will produce at least 10 piglets (litter) from each pregnancy and may have 2 litters each year.

They are prolific and resilient, with a very low livestock mortality rate and also have the highest feed to meat ratio of any livestock. This means that pigs grow the fastest and produce more meat for the feed it consumes when compared to any other livestock.

Pork is high in protein and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acid good for overall health. Some pork parts like that of tenderloin, loin chops and sirloin roast are made from the lean cuts and are more healthy than chicken.

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