In past times and recent times, there have been a lot of myths regarding the fact that pigs are dirty animals and therefore not suitable to be digested. However, these myths are baseless and in no way true.

Here is why:

MYTH 1: Pigs are unhealthy to eat because they don’t sweat and therefore more likely to harbour parasites or other toxins.

TRUTH:  Pigs, for the record, also have a liver and a kidney, both of which serve to remove “toxins” from their body. The amount of metals or other toxins that would theoretically be removed from a pig by sweating are negligible, and therefore a pig’s lack of sweat is entirely unrelated to its potential “toxin” load and pigs can be eaten.

MYTH 2: Pigs are supposed to be obese!

TRUTH: Fat pigs suffer from the same health maladies as humans, including heart and lung issues and arthritis. They can also be blind and deaf due to fat deposits. Obesity is not “healthy” and causes premature death as well as many other health problems. Therefore, obesity is bad even for pigs.

MYTH 3: Pigs are aggressive

TRUTH: Pigs are actually affectionate and very “family oriented” by nature and live in family groups. They will challenge each other and other humans for the position of Top Hog. Once their position in the herd is established, peace reigns. That said, they WILL DEFEND each other, their babies and their space if threatened.

Contrary to popular belief, wild boars do NOT randomly attack humans. They flee, knowing that humans pose a very real danger. Only when cornered, protecting their babies or under attack do they retaliate.

MYTH 4: Pigs are very dirty

TRUTH: Pigs are actually very neat and prefer to be clean. If allowed, they will keep their toilet area well away from their food and bed. Mother pigs will teach the piglets to go well away from where they sleep and eat to use the toilet.

Prior to weaning as nature intended, the mother pig will teach the piglets all sorts of things that humans have difficulty doing. Regarding wallowing in mud, it is a way for the pig to cool off and apply a protective coat against insects.

​MYTH 5: Pigs are dumb farm animals

TRUTH: Contrary to what some may believe, pigs are ranked 4th on the intelligence scale, ABOVE dogs. They have the ability to solve problem, learn quickly, retain what they learn, and also learn through observation. They can manipulate latches to open doors and do some other intelligent things. They are easy to train and have a talent for training/manipulating their people.

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