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by sponsoring the purchase of Pigs and the feed for their growth

PorkMoney’s team of farm handlers

and veterinarians would cater to the healthy growth and reproduction of your livestock

full grown pigs are then chopped,

processed and packaged for sale to wholesalers and our distributors.

After an 11 months contractual period

our partners get a 20-35% return on the capital provided depending on how much capital was provided.

  • Why Pork?

    Pork is the most commonly consumed meat in the world, with Ghana and Nigeria alone consuming over $3Billion dollars worth. More than 80% of Pork consumed in this part of the world is imported, that is monies that when localized would create many financial opportunities for farmers, wholesalers, retailers and the population at large.

    PorkMoney has created a platform for these opportunities and we are on our way to reducing import dependence in a very profitable way.

  • We get it, Pork is widely consumed, but why not other livestock ? Why Pork?

    • Pigs are very resilient and don’t fall ill or die easily. Chickens die easily, we think thats why they are called Chickens.
    • Pigs give birth twice in a year, to as many as 12 piglets at a go, thats one female pig giving birth to 24 or more pigs in a year.
    • They are not selective eaters as they feed on virtually everything. We however feed them the best mixtures so they can grow to their full potential.
    • They can grow to as much as 60-100kg. Thats a feed to meat ratio that no other livestock can produce.

  • Our Job

    In taking care of the pigs we have hired the best veterinarians and farm handlers to help with the entire process of farming the pigs using industry standards from the feeds to the construction of the Pen and how the pigs are being treated.

    Pigs are smart, so we frown on animal cruelty as that is counterproductive economically. Our establishment also sees to the hygiene of the pigs, making sure that adequate supply of water and proper cleaning allows our pigs to be healthy and achieve their full growth potential.

  • Our Founder
    Talks PorkMoney With John Dumelo

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